Raw Infused Honey

Raw Infused Honey

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we've infused local Raw Honey with organic herbs and fruits to bring you a rich, flavorful honey with unique profiles. Our honeys are the perfect adition to a cup of tea or coffee but also very easy to get creative with! Pour on top of busicuits or cornbread, spread on toast, drizzle over fruit or waffles, add to smoothies and desserts, or just enjoy it by the spoonful. Let us know how you use it!


    4 oz jar of infused raw honey

    Do not feed to infants under 1 year old.

    Raw honey may naturally granulate over time. Gently heat to re-liquify.

    Keep in airtight container at room temperature or refrigerator.


    Due to the nature of this product, we do not offer returns or exchanges for sanitation reasons. Please email edenismtea@gmail.com for any questions.


    Please allow 4-5 days processing, and 3-5 days shipping